The K-Hill Signal Co, Inc. is a small family owned business. We manufacture small portable traffic counting equipment which operates from rubber hose or magnetic loop. K-Hill Signal Co, INc. was founded by my father, Mr. Glen R. Hall, in 1935. My father worked many years perfecting the "ball" contactor type counters which were virtually indestructible and lasted for an indefinite period of time. However, today with the advances of technology, our company offers a complete line of electronic counters which are designed for durability, long battery life, fast and slow moving traffic applications, interval counting applications, and low maintenance. Our company also strives to give the fastest turnaround for repairs in the business, along with free estimates.

The K-Hill Signal Company also has a complete line of road tube and accessories in stock for the traffic counters. We feel that our prices and products are competitive with any other counter manufacturers in the business.

You have our guarantee that your inquiry will receive our utmost attention because traffic counting is our only business. Customer testimonials and references can be provided upon your request.

We look forward to hearing from you.


William J. Hall
K-Hill Signal Company